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I started the One Million Stars to End Violence project in 2012 as a personal response to the rape and murder of a young woman in my community. Her name was Jill Meagher.  I did not create this project in partnership or with permission by Jill Meagher's family. For this reason, I have decided NOT TO USE HER NAME when I speak about the project or do any media. It is important that star weavers for the One Million Stars project understand and respect this value for the project. 


I realise it may be painful for Jill's family to hear others speak constantly about Jill without having any relationship or connection to her family and closest friends and without their consent. I have tried to make contact with her family and Tom Meagher, her husband at the time, but it was communicated to me that they wish not to be contacted. I want to respect that. For her family, village and friends, they will navigate their own way to remember and celebrate Jill. For our star weavers, we have work to do and many stories to remember and share.


The One Million Stars project was activated by this violent death but also, by the need to continue conversation about safety and respect for everyone all the time, and not just in times of tragedy. I wanted to invite people to weave stars in solidarity to end ALL FORMS OF VIOLENCE, including racism, bullying, violence against First Nations and black people, the environment and violence against women and children.

My hope is that when we weave stars, we remember that we must work together and that we can each make a positive difference to someone's life. I will always remember Jill in my heart, and the many women before and after her who have been murdered, when ever I weave a star.

With love and light,

Maryann Talia Pau


The One Million Stars project acknowledges the traditional owners and continuing custodians of the lands and waters where we weave, live and play. We give our respect to elders past, present and emerging.


THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make the 2018 One Million Stars installation a reality. We did it! And it was BEAUTIFUL & POWERFUL!

The One Million Stars to End Violence project continues and is an ongoing international weaving movement created in 2012 by Pasifika weaving artist and entrepreneur, Maryann Talia Pau.

We understand this project has had a powerful impact for some people. For emotional and physical support, please speak with someone you trust or seek professional advice. You are important!

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