Lane Cove Gallery Sydney. 10,000 stars f


The One Million Stars installation for the GC2018 was a monumental collaboration and WE DID IT! Our vision of seeing one million stars in one place, a symbol of community solidarity to end all forms of violence, could not have been achieved without the following awesome peeps.

A huge shout out to the Queensland Government and Office of Commonwealth Games for helping me to grow this beautiful beast. You have given me invaluable support to spread this project's peaceful message far and wide. Since our partnership, we have connected so many individuals, groups and communities around the world to weave stars for this record breaking installation of One Million Stars as part of Festival 2018 in Brisbane during the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.


To the thousands of star WEavers from across the world, including Australia, Barbados, Canada, Cook Islands, England, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Samoa, Scotland, Tonga, America and Fiji - from my heart I say THANK YOU!


I wish I could hug all of you and tell you in person, that your stories, your generosity and care for your communities and yourselves CONTINUES to uplift and inspire me. Your desire to connect and be part of the light, love and peace in the world is POWERFUL. We've created belonging and conversation, to include others, and to lead with grace and responsibility.


Thank you for making this journey fun, accessible and part of everyday life. What ever language you speak, where ever you live in the world, what ever your age, sex, ability and experience, you helped to create this LOVING community and your stars are loved!

Photo: @ics_uk

TAP Africa. Student star weavers in Nair
star strands with Kate Jefferay. GC2018.

We can achieve anything. together.

The GC2018 installation was a team effort and a dream come true. I'm excited to continue this conversation and movement in 2020.

Another big thank you to Human Ventures and the Museum of Brisbane, who were both engaged by the Queensland Government, to help support the project. The counting, storing, designing and constructing of such a massive amount of stars could not have been done without you.

To the star WEavers and Star believers, supporters and extended families, who have woven stars, created space, provided materials, made cups of tea and lunch and who spread the word for those who want to gather and weave, THANK YOU! We could not have done this without you. Your support allows us to achieve so much and is a beautiful reminder that everyone has a place and solution to offer in this very important conversation.

So many of our live's and world's have changed for the better because of your stars.


Remember, anyone can weave a star and the movement is still growing. Stay tuned for future projects and installations.

Maryann x

Photo: Michelle Xen


The One Million Stars project acknowledges the traditional owners and continuing custodians of the lands and waters where we weave, live and play. We give our respect to elders past, present and emerging.


THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make the 2018 One Million Stars installation a reality. We did it! And it was BEAUTIFUL & POWERFUL!

The One Million Stars to End Violence project continues and is an ongoing international weaving movement created in 2012 by Pasifika weaving artist and entrepreneur, Maryann Talia Pau.

We understand this project has had a powerful impact for some people. For emotional and physical support, please speak with someone you trust or seek professional advice. You are important!

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