Avant Post Cards sponsorship. Wooohooo!

I'm writing this late at night while my family is sound asleep. (This will probably be how I roll for the next few weeks until the installation in December). But I remember saying to some dear friends earlier today that we have to capture moments of peace and celebration when we can. So now's my moment and I'm taking it.

A huge and exciting thing happened last week for the project. Avant Card agreed to fully sponsor a print run of 10,000 post cards to help promote the project and these gorgeous cards went in select stores across Australia last week (on my wedding anniversary to be exact. Amazing timing!!). They'll be on the shelves for a month, so have a look out for them, they're pretty lovely if I say so myself. My mama thinks so too! We picked some up in Paddington, Sydney while on school holidays. Another sista, Torika Bolatagici saw some recently at Footscray Community Arts Centre, Vic. I know this because she instagrammed it. Thanks T!!

The post cards use the image of the stars like the one above, alongside the quote by Dr Martin Luther King Jnr that got me weaving stars for this project 12 months ago.

If it wasn't for my dear friend, Rachel Kirby, whose gorgeous twins go to the same school as our 'little-big' ones, I wouldn't have put in an application to Avant. Infact, it would probably still be a nice idea and on my list of things to do. Thank God for girlfriends like Rachel, who remind me not to think about it too much and just tell the story. Someone is bound to listen and offer support. And she was right. Love you Rachel!!

October is a BIG month for star weaving and promoting the project as much as I can through the media. I know we're a long way from 1 million stars, but I just want to share the story and joy that I get when I weave, with as many people as possible. To this date, without fail, everyone I teach and weave with walks away feeling so much more relaxed and connected. Some even experience a sense of healing and will tell me on the day or a few days later via email. It truly is a beautiful and special thing knowing that what you are passionate about and find a lot of joy in doing, can bring other people, most of them strangers, a great sense of achievement and happiness. We realise we're not that different and that all our small efforts can make a significant difference. How can I not want to share that?

Thank you to all the new weavers and followers that are taking part in this stellar movement. Hope you take time to celebrate your achievements this week too.

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The One Million Stars project acknowledges the traditional owners and continuing custodians of the lands and waters where we weave, live and play. We give our respect to elders past, present and emerging.


THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make the 2018 One Million Stars installation a reality. We did it! And it was BEAUTIFUL & POWERFUL!

The One Million Stars to End Violence project continues and is an ongoing international weaving movement created in 2012 by Pasifika weaving artist and entrepreneur, Maryann Talia Pau.

We understand this project has had a powerful impact for some people. For emotional and physical support, please speak with someone you trust or seek professional advice. You are important!

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